Sean Lane
Mohannaed Sheikha
Sean Martin
Ali Sammour
Mohammaed Zidan
Sara Karrow
Colby Henson
Denton Hunker
Firas Sheikha
Hassen Sheikha
Linda Stewart
Tina Tran
Matthew Smith
Erica Parnell
John Conway
Phillip Huerta
Alicia Hunker
Megan Lynn Hancock
Austin Muhs
Catherine Harris
Mario Herrera
Maryam Hosseiny
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Facebook, Inc.
Blockbuster, Inc.
Fandango, Inc.
Hotwire, Inc.
Sta Travel, Inc.
Overstock.Com, Inc.
Zappos.Com, Inc.
Gamefly, Inc.

Lane et al v. Facebook, Inc. et al

California Northern District Court

Hon. Richard Seeborg, presiding
Magistrate Judge Patricia V. Trumbull
Nature of Suit: 360 Personal Injury - Other
Filed: 08/12/2008
Terminated: 05/27/2010
Case No. 5:08-cv-03845

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