`[American and British Usage]
`Containing the Words Generally Used in Chemistry,
`and Many of the Terms Used in the Related
`Sciences of Physics, Astrophysics, Mineralogy,
`Pharmacy, Agriculture, Biology,
`Medicine, Engineering, etc.
`Based on Recent Chemical Literature
`Completely Revised and Edited by
`M.SC., PH.D., F.R.I.C.
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`in .fus~d potassiulll
`500 C.
`ataon IS thereby minimized.
`0.2-0 60
`. % C,
`.ened by nitridation.
`.e name. for prills of alnmoniurn
`th a dehquescence-preventin
`H: NO = 62 I
`C I
`g additive.
`0 orless
`yI- C6R.NR·N02
`= 138.!.
`•6, soluble
`in water.
`of compounds
`ad differing
`from nitram'
`rca -COO-;
`as, NO 'NR.
`c acid.
`I An
`(2) p'
`or =N·NO.
`. di
`R I ",
`..,.n in icator,
`s (weakly alkaline)
`iethyl- Et2N·NO. = ll8.!.
`seals, m.58,
`in w!ter-'--
`= 90.1.
`liquid m 3 e . y -
`'~'N02 = 138.!.
`ill water.
`phenyl methyI- MeNPh.'
`~. Colorless
`crystals, m.39,
`opyI- PrNR·N02·
`to brown r t
`n. acetic acid.
`, radical N02NR-.
`120.2. A homolog
`nitro .
`.y acid),
`C6R20sN. = 230.07.
`inone, m.IOO, decornp.
`170, soluble
`15N:NO'OR = 138.!.
`me. Colorless crystals, mA6, soluble
`.. C6R,N02
`in water.
`. needles, m. 71,
`ellow needles, m.114, slightly soluble
`:a- or 1,4- Yellow needles, m.146,
`r. All used in organic synthesis
`di- See dinitro-
`from benzene
`n of 2 or more H atoms
`by one or
`and NO.-
`The higher-
`'S are powerful
`salt, o.f nitric
`(2) Nitration.
`(~3- ion, ~olorless,
`and forming no
`oitates With metallic
`n. of
`n. of potash.
`Potassium n.
`lium n.
`n. of soda-potash- A crude
`er : sodium nitrate
`75, potassium
`O2 group.
`era.l form of sodium nitrate.
`of the NO. group into
`by means
`of a
`ric and nitric acids.
`Cf. nitrito -;
`,I, usually
`heating or cooling coils and stirring
`[or nitration .
`impregnated with sodium dinitrophenyl
`pH values:
`yelloW 4.5, olive green 6.2, blue 7.0.
`.N. yellow_
`An indicator
`dye (pH 6.5: yellow-acid
`to blue-
`n, air.
`See oxygen.
`nitre. Niter.
`nitriacidium ion. Nitracidum ion.
`acid. HNOa
`in water;
`d 01.53, m.-40.3,
`as its aqueous
`(I) Fuming:
`86% RNOa with some N20 •. Brown-red
`liquid, d.1.48-L5;
`an energetic
`chemical analysis and synthesis.
`(2) Concentrated:
`65 % RNOa.
`yellow liquid, d.1.40-1.42.
`Used as a solvent
`an oxidizing
`in etching
`many chemical operations;
`and to nitrate
`10% RNOa.
`See chloro-,
`per- RNO..
`An acid
`of doubtful
`n. anhydride.
`HNOa + 32% H20.
`d, s.50!.414, b.12!'
`nitric ether.
`Ethyl nitrate.
`nitric oxide. NO = 30.0. N20. = 60.0. Nitrogen
`soluble in water.
`in the electric
`arc from
`air; oxidizes readily to nitrogen
`(I) Formation
`of metallic
`heating metals
`in nitrogen
`to increase
`Cf. nitration.
`(2) De-electronation
`in the ammonia
`the water
`Cf. nitridizing agent.
`nitride. A binary compound
`of nitrogen and a metal.
`The alkali
`and earth-alkali
`n. hydrate.
`hydrolyzed: Mg3N2+ 6H20 = 3Mg(OR)2 + 2NR3•
`A substance
`of electrons
`or causes
`an exchange
`nitric acid), RNa; analogous
`to nitric
`acid, HNOa,
`as oxidizing agent.
`that can
`Descibing a nitrogen
`be transformed
`into nitrates
`by soil bacteria.
`of the nitrogen
`in ammonia
`to nitrous and nitric acid or salts.
`Soil bacteria which oxidize ammonia
`its derivatives
`to nitrites
`(as nitromonas)
`(as nitrobacter).
`To cause the oxidation
`nitrogen to nitrites
`by n. bacteria
`and n. catalysts.
`A catalase that
`cyanohydrins, R·CROH·CN.
`from an acid amide,
`nitrile. A cyanide
`- H20 = It·CN;
`on hydrolysis
`yield the corresponding
`acid and evolve ammonia.
`n. group.
`The negative
`N from ammonia
`of its 3 H atoms.
`q. v.
`nitriles_ Cyanides.
`the radical-CN.
`acid- Nitrile.
`A name indicating
`the relation ofn. with the -COOH group:
`.... -C;N.
`basic- NIta.
`OR .... -C(:O)'NH2
`amine having 3 different C atoms a.ttached
`of ammonia
`and nitrates,
`for a polyacrylonitrile
`di- Dicyanide.
`to the
`A compound
`same N.
`mono- A compound
`2 -CN
`one -CN radical.
`atom, =:N.
`thetic fiber .
`N 3 = 42.02. A hypothetical
`form of nitrogen
`to ozone,
`active nitrogen.
`of nitrous
`A salt
`of the type MN02 are all
`the alkali nitrites.
`The organic nitrites
`or nitrito
`compounds may
`be isomeric,
`with the corresponding
`nitro compounds.
`an organic
`the radical
`n. cobalomin.
`Vitamin BlOC' The vitamin
`by replacing
`the -CN group of vitamin B12 by a -N02
`(I) A prefix which denotes
`the presence
`the radical
`Or -N(O'

`Nitro compounds
`both the radicals
`A compound
`as: NO .. CH s' COOH, nitro-
`and -N02;
`acid; NO .. CH .. CR .. COOH,
`from the
`in color, and differ
`are usually
`(2) A misnomer
`as, nitroglycerin
`radical HOON =e,
`iso- See
`C14Hs02(OH)2N02 = 285.1.
`ex- or
`4,1,2- Yellow
`3,1,2- Alizarin
`244, slightly
`in water,
`used as dye,
`and as an intermediate
`organic synthesis.
`C6H.(OMe)NO. = 153.1.
`Yellow liquid, d.!.268.
`m.9, b.265.
`meta- m.38,
`para- Colorless
`or yellowish plates, d.!.233, m.54, b.258.
`in water,
`soluble in alcohol or ether.
`C14H.N02 = 223.2. Nitroso-
`Yellow needles, m.146,
`in benzene or chloroform.
`C6H.(CO)2C6RaN02 = 253.1.
`Ch or 1- Yellow needles, m.228,
`subliming when
`in water,
`in alcohol
`(3- or 2- Yellow needles, m.184,
`when heated,
`in water,
`in alcohol
`or ether.
`acid. A reagent
`n. sulfonic
`A soil
`organism that oxidizes ammonia
`Soil bacteria;
`sococcus, or Nitrosomonas.
`barium nitrate.
`A native
`= 151.1.
`nitro benzaldehyde.
`ortho- Yellow needles, m.44,
`Colorless prisms, m.106,
`in water;
`used in
`indigo synthesis.
`for sugars.
`other micro-
`and its derivatives,
`as, Nitrobacter,
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