`[American and British Usage]
`Containing the Words Generally Used in Chemistry,
`and Many of the Terms Used in the Related
`Sciences of Physics, Astrophysics, Mineralogy,
`Pharmacy, Agriculture, Biology,
`Medicine, Engineering, etc.
`Based on Recent Chemical Literature
`Completely Revised and Edited by
`M.SC., PH.D., F.R.I.C.
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`sand, used for fumigation
`to liberat
`by drop in
`h d p g
`y rogen
`in a ga
`of a solid phase
`the weathere
`ce layer of the earth;
`animal matter
`1 000
`IOn hee
`o the world are used for agrIculture-
`Flying sand
`Loose sand
`Clay sand
`Sandy loam
`Mild loam
`Strong loam
`Mild clay
`Strong clay
`Loamy soil
`Clayey soil
`Sandy soil
`Lime soil
`Particles, mm diameter
`Over 2
`Below 0.002
`s. amendment.
`See table.
`it other
`than by
`to Improve
`·0 s.
`s. bacteria.
`the ammonification
`and nitrifica_
`e.g., Baeillu8 myeoides.
`s. horizon.
`Layers of a
`have become
`as a
`;'8 occurring
`in the
`s. mass.
`s. profile.
`A sectio~
`re layers
`at different
`The study of th~
`(2) The liquid phase of
`(3) Abbreviation
`for soluble.
`ystem III which the surrounding
`., fog.
`collo- Collosol.
`- A colloidal
`in a
`See gel.
`sulfo- See sulfosol:
`. ofte:, poisonous
`and a
`from Solandra
`Caps-icum [rutescens
`from various
`species of So; as: atropine,
`An alkaloid
`C.aHa.012 = 502.2. A hexabasic
`acid from oxidation
`of bile acids.
`A long-chain
`C2,H.aOaN = 397.4. A decomposition
`crystals, m.208,
`in alcohol.
`C.,H,aOIsN = 867.7. A glycoside
`Solanum nigrum,
`and other species.
`less microcrystals, m.2S0, soluble in water; a nerve
`C,.H910'8N = 1017.7. An
`Potato s, can
`of the
`and shrubs
`Solanum, horse nettle, poison potato,
`sand brier, bull nettle.
`Air-dry ripe fruits
`S. dulcamara.
`ern States);
`a sedative.
`S. grandiflora. S. yielding
`The root
`S. melongena.
`is a stomachic
`and diuretic.
`S. tuberosum.
`The common potato.
`= 892.93.
`rone. White,
`a bacteriostatic
`s. constant.
`to the
`the amount
`of s. energy falling at
`incidence per square centimeter
`per minute
`on a body at the earth's mean distance from the sun.
`S. pan,
`s. pond.
`by low
`in which
`is evaporated
`See radiation.
`s. radiation.
`s. rays.
`The visible
`and invisible
`of the
`s. salt.
`s. spectrnm.
`The spectrum produced when
`is refracted
`by a prism or grating;
`of silver
`A compound
`Black granules;
`used medicinally.
`(1) Exposure
`to the sun; as in acceler-
`(2) A decrease
`long exposure
`of plant
`to light.
`(3) The partial
`of a
`into a positive by exposure
`to light
`used to enhance
`A liquefied gel.
`or alloy
`A fusing metal
`fusible metals.
`copper- An alloy: Sn 5, Pb 2 pts.,
`brass- Copper s.
`as flux.
`fine- Soft s.
`with zinc chloride
`An alloy of Pb, Sn, and Bi, which melts in water;
`used in fire-spray
`gold- An alloy:
`a gel;
`A volcanic
`from which
`hard- A high-melting-point
`Au 10, Ag 6, Cu 4 pts.
`e.g., Cu +
`alloy used as S.;
`it fuses at
`red heat:
`ZII + Ag.
`lead- An alloy of equal parts of Pb and
`plumber's- An alloy
`Sn , used for soldering
`approx. Pb 65, Sn 30%, with
`some Sb.
`seifert- A s. for aluminum,
`silver- See silver.
`Sn 73, Zn 21, Pb 5 %.
`soft- A s.
`as, Sn + Pb:
`lead 8.,
`fuses below red heat;
`fus-ible s,
`zinc- An alloy: Sn 5, Pb 3 pts.
`(I) Uniting metallic
`pieces by heat with
`or without
`an alloy (solder) and flux (borax).
`In commerce,
`(as distinct
`from hard)
`from brazing
`and fusion welding,
`S. differs
`autogenous- Uniting metal surfaces by interfusion.
`a more
`metal surfaces by filling all intervening
`space with a
`fused solder.
`sweating- S. in which the
`is heated near its melting point and adheres.
`A fine-grained,
`A hollow cylinder, wound with
`resistance wire, used to produce
`fields of electric
`and rela-
`of definite
`(I) A substance
`low internal heat content,
`tively great density,
`It may
`its molecules.
`(as crystals
`and solid solutions);
`(as amorphous
`and colloidal
`A homo-
`(2) As.
`geneous, s. mixture of substance;
`as, glass.
`solution of a solid,
`liquid, or gas in a solid.
`of Solidago
`The dried
`and diuretic.
`To change into the solid state.
`solidifying point.
`Freezing point.
`for both solid and liquid solutions whose concentra-
`tions differ,
`the s. curve relates
`to the solid phase
`and the liquidus
`Cf. diagram.
`to the liquid phase.
`A dispersed
`system of
`solid phase in a liquid phase.
`soln, Abbreviation
`for solution.
`from soils by degradation.
`The dried herb of
`Polygonatum officinale (Liliaoeae): an astringent
`to which a substance
`The extent
`a homo-
`mixes with a liquid (solvent)
`to produce
`The total
`system (solution).
`of the nonionized and ionized portions of a
`ill a liquid.
`degree of- The
`of a saturated
`at a given
`S. generally
`increases with increase
`81M, where
`and M the molecular
`of grams per
`real- The amount of nonionized solute in a
`A graph
`s. curve.
`of dissolved
`by plotting
`in a
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