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Filed May 25, 2013
Serial No. 85942809
Examining Attorney ANGELA M MICHELI
Class Clothing, namely, shirts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, under shirts, polo shirts, rugby shirts, jerseys, dress shirts, denim jeans, hooded sweat shirts, warm-up suits, snow suits, parkas, cardigans, pants, jean jackets, cargo pants, shorts, boxer shorts, tops, tank tops, sweat shirts, sweat jackets, sweat shorts, sweat pants, sweaters, vests, fleece vests, pullovers, jackets, coats, blazers, suits, turtlenecks, reversible jackets, wind-resistant jackets, shell jackets, sports jackets, golf and ski jackets, heavy coats, over coats, top coats, swimwear, beachwear, visors, headbands, ear muffs, thermal underwear, long underwear, underclothes, caps, hats, knit caps, headwear, scarves, bandanas, belts, neckwear, ties, robes, gloves, boots, rainwear, footwear, shoes and sneakers, sportswear and activewear, namely, leg warmers; athletic suits; shorts; after-ski boots; albs; ankle garters; anklets; anoraks; aprons; ascots; athletic footwear; athletic shoes; athletic uniforms and jerseys; babushkas; baby bibs not of paper; baby bunting; balaclavas; balloon pants; bandanas; bandeaux; baseball caps; bath slippers; bathing caps; bathing suits; bathing trunks; bathrobes; beach cover-ups; beach shoes; beanies; bed jackets; belts; berets; Bermuda shorts; bib overalls; bicycling gloves; bike shorts; bikinis; blazers; bloomers; blouses; blousons; boas; body shapers; body suits; boleros; bolo ties; bonnets; booties; boots; bottoms; bow ties; boxer briefs; boxer shorts; bras; brassieres; breeches; briefs; bustiers; caftans; camisole/top pant sets; camisoles; camp shirts; capes; caps; cardigans; cassocks; chaps; chasubles; chef's hats; chemises; chemisettes; clogs; cloth diapers; coats; collars; coordinated jackets in all fabrications and weights; corselets; corsets; costumes for use in role-playing games; coveralls; coverups; cravats; creepers; crop tops; cuffs; culottes; cumberbunds; denim jackets; dickies; disposable slippers; disposable underwear; dress shields; dresses; dressing gowns; dry suits; dungarees; dusters; ear muffs; espadrilles; evening gowns; fishing vests; fishing waders; fleece pullovers; flight suits; foam pedicure slippers; football shoes; footwear; foul weather gear; foulards; foundation garments; frocks; fur cloaks; fur coats; fur jackets; fur stoles; gabardines; gaiters; galoshes; garter belts; gauchos; girdles; gloves; golf cleats; golf shirts; golf shoes; golf spikes; gowns; greatcoats; gym shorts; gym suits; gymnastic shoes; Halloween costumes; halter tops; hat bands; hats; headbands; hoods; hosiery; housecoats; hunting boot bags; hunting vests; infant cloth diapers; infantwear; inner soles; insoles; jackets; jeans; jerkins; jerseys; jodhpurs; jogging suits. jumpers; jumpsuits; kerchiefs; kilts; kimonos; knee highs; knickers; knit shirts; lab coats; lace boots; layettes; leather and suede jackets and sweaters; leather coats; leather jackets; leggings; leotards; light-reflecting coats; light-reflecting jackets; lingerie; loungewear; maillots; mantillas; mantles; masquerade costumes; miniskirts; mittens; moccasins; mock turtle-neck sweaters; money belts; mufflers; muffs; mukluks; muu muus; neck bands; neckerchiefs; neckties; neckwear; negligees; night gowns; night shirts; nurse dresses; nurse overalls; nurse pants; over coats; overalls; overcoats; overshoes; pajama sets consisting of pajama tops and pajama bottoms; pajamas; pantaloons; panties; pants; pantsuits; pantyhose; paraments; pareu; parkas; pedal pushers; pedicure sandals; pedicure slippers; peignoirs; pelerines; pelisses; petticoats; pinafores; plastic baby bibs; play suits; plus fours; pocket squares; polo shirts; ponchos; pullovers; pumps; quilted vests; rain boots; rain coats; rain jackets; rain suits; rainwear; rash guards; riding boots; riding coats; riding gloves; robes; rompers; rubbers; sandals; saris; sarongs; sashes; scarves; shawls; shifts; shirt fronts; shirts; shirts, both knit and woven; shoes; short sets; shoulder pads for clothing; shower caps; singlets; skating outfits; ski bibs; ski boot bags; ski boots; ski gloves; ski masks; ski pants; ski suits; ski wear; skirts; skorts; slacks; sleep masks; sleep shirts; sleepwear; slippers; slips; smocks; sneakers; snow pants; snow suits; snowboard boots; snowboard gloves; socks; sport bras; sport coats; sport shirts; stockings; stoles; suit coats; suits; sun visors; sunsuits; surf wear; suspenders; swaddling clothes; sweat bands; sweat shorts; sweat suits; sweaters; sweatpants; sweatshirts; sweat socks; swim trunks; swimming caps; swimsuits; swimwear; tailleurs; tangas; tank tops; tap pants; teddies; tennis wear. textile infant diaper covers; thermal socks; thermal underwear; thongs; ties; tights; toe boxes; togas; topcoats; tops; toques; tracksuits; trousers; t-shirts; tunics; turbans; turtlenecks; tuxedos; underarm clothing shields; underclothes; undergarments; underpants; undershirts; underwear; uniforms; unitards; veils; vested suits; vests; visors; v-neck sweaters; waistcoats; walking shorts; warm-up suits; water socks; wedding gowns; wet suits; wind resistant jackets; wind resistant shirts; wind shirts; winter hats; wrap-arounds; wraps; wrist bands; wristbands containing a cooling substance to cool the wearer; zoot suits and zori, earrings, bracelets, beads, watches, belts, skateboards, All purpose carrying bags; athletic bags; messenger bags; duffel bags; backpacks; book bags; 022; 039
Status Abandoned because the applicant failed to respond or filed a late response to an Office action. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page.
Last Updated: 2 months, 1 week ago
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