Easily Find Top Attorneys with Docket Alarm's New Analytics Tool

Just in time for the annual AALL conference, Docket Alarm is excited to announce the addition of attorney analytics to its analytics platform. Now, along with being able to view analytics on parties, judges, and law firms, users can see how individual attorneys are performing in the PTAB.

The attorney analytics tool allows users to identify top attorneys based on the number of proceedings in which they have participated, along with the parties they typically represent, the tech centers they focus on, their success rate. This tool can is used to identify top litigators at particular law firms and the clients they represent.  

Using filters, users can quickly narrow attorney statistics by time, proceeding type, representation, decision type, tech center and more.

The Top 5 PTAB attorneys by case volume. Attorneys can be filtered and ranked by a variety of factors.

Docket Alarm’s attorney analytics tool has a wide variety of uses. Attorneys can feature their own PTAB statistics on their website or incorporate it into their marketing materials. For firms, this tool can help them with hiring by identifying an attorney’s clientele.

These metrics can also help clients select an attorney, giving them the ability to determine which PATB counsel that would be the most appropriate for their technology and position. For clients committed to gender diversity, this tool can help identify firms that have a high number of female attorneys litigating at the PTAB.  

Docket Alarm’s attorney analytics makes it easy for clients, firms, and opposing counsel to identify top attorneys and understand their performance at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. To start researching PTAB attorneys, judges, firms, parties and more, visit www.docketalarm.com and sign up today.

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