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New Range and Numerical Search Filters Home in on Relevant Results

Docket Alarm is excited to announce new search features that make finding relevant cases easier than ever before.

Range and numerical filters allow you to search by specifying ranges of the number of parties, firms, or attorneys involved in a case. These filters function the same way as other filters by paring down results to only the most relevant.

For example, you can use a numerical range filter to find large class action lawsuits using the party number filter.
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New Partnership with Zapier, Integrating U.S. Court Data with Over 500 Applications

Docket Alarm has announced a new partnership with data-sharing platform, Zapier. With this partnership, Docket Alarm members will be able to access U.S. court data from over 500 different apps, opening a world of exciting integration possibilities.

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Infographic Shows PTAB's Effect on Hatch-Waxman Litigation

Docket Alarm is excited to announce the release of a new report: “Big Pharma and the Legal Industry: Docket Alarm’s Guide to Orange Book Patent Analytics”.

The report, presented in a visually engaging infographic, breaks down how the relatively new Patent Trial and Appeal Board is reshaping Hatch-Waxman litigation. Attorneys can see statistics on everything from the trajectory of Orange Book patents at the PTAB to the top players in the field.

* * *

Docket Alarm is the only research platform that offers patent practitioners a complete PTAB research and analytics platform featuring Orange Book patents engaged in litigation.
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New Search Interface Brings Litigation Analytics to Your Fingertips

Docket Alarm is excited to announce the release of its new search interface.

By integrating useful tools like one-click analytics and automatic case citation directly into your list of search results, the new interface makes legal research easier than ever before. Streamlined and simplified, the new interface also provides attorneys with a more user-friendly experience and significantly faster loading times.

One-Click Analytics

One of the most innovative features of Docket Alarm is the ability to see analytics related to parties, judges, and law firms in PTAB cases.
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Orange Book Litigators: Finally Research Tools Just for You

Docket Alarm is pleased to announce the first legal research platform to provide Orange Book litigators a suite of tools for their practice. The features include the ability to track changes to the Orange Book and related litigation, search correspondence between drug companies and the FDA, and analytics on Orange Book cases in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).
What is the Orange Book?

The “Orange Book,” published since 1980, is the authoritative resource on FDA approved drugs for patent litigators.
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Real-Time Analytics for High-Risk Lending

Lenders can join the growing ranks of financial professionals utilizing Docket Alarm to enhance their businesses. Not merely for attorneys, Docket Alarm’s search and analytics platform help lenders easily conduct due diligence and even automate due diligence tasks. This is most beneficial when information on a potential borrower is scarce.

Data points from Docket Alarm can be used to evaluate the level of risk associated with lending to certain borrowers, industries, and geographical areas.
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New Patent Trial and Appeal Board Decisions, at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of Google searching to see the latest Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) decisions. Instead of searching for decisions, some new, some outdated, Docket Alarm makes it easy to view every new decision published by the PTAB in one place.

Docket Alarm’s dedicated PTAB orders and decisions page is organized by decision type, and includes categories like final written decision, petition institution, motion to terminate, motion for supplemental information, and more.

For example, to view all recent PTAB Motions for Joinder, simply select the category.
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Financial Firms Use Docket Alarm to Gain Insight Into Market Fluctuations

While Docket Alarm was built to be a one-stop legal research and analytics platform, its uses go well beyond the legal sector. Financial firms use Docket Alarm’s features to helptrack and analyze influential court cases that have the potential to impact the stock market. Additionally, firms can save time by using Docket Alarm’s automated, up-to-the-minute analytics to evaluate publicly traded companies, potential borrowers, and other entities.

High Frequency Day Trading

Some court decisions are so important they impact national and international financial markets.
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New PTAB Analytics Feature: Claim Institution and Cancelation Histograms

Docket Alarm is excited to announce the latest addition to its analytics platform: claim institution and cancellation histograms. These features allow attorneys to dig further into Docket Alarm’s PTAB statistics around instituted petitions— these graphs illustrate what types of petitions are instituted, what types of petitions are not, and why.

The claim institution histogram shows how many patent claims were instituted within each petition instituted by the PTAB.
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Get the Federal Circuit Disposition Sheet with Docket Alarm's Tracking Tools

With the recent retirement of the Federal Circuit’s daily disposition sheet, you may be wondering how you can get the latest opinions and orders of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

The Court’s announcementsuggests attorneys visit PACER to view information that used to appear in the disposition sheet. However, viewing the latest CAFC developments on PACER is neither easy nor free. The Court also offers updates on their website that you can check daily— which adds yet another task to your “to do” list.
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Visit Docket Alarm at LegalTech 2015

The 2015 NYC LegalTechshow is fast approaching. Join us at the largest event devoted solely to law and technology, taking place February 3rd-5th at The Hilton Hotel in New York City. The LegalTech Show brings together law firms, librarians, startups, developers, and many others to showcase the latest innovations and technology in the legal industry.

Docket Alarm will be at the Stanford CodeX Pavilion showcasing its state of the art technology.
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Filtering Search Results by Title Now Available

We've been busy at Docket Alarm evaluating your product improvement requests and implementing time-saving changes while conducting your legal research. One new small but powerful refinement that will help you narrow your search is an ability to filter by title. Here is what we mean.

When you perform a search for say, "Apple v. Samsung" you get results for all dockets containing these keywords anywhere in the docket text. While this type of broad search may help you start with a bird's eye overview, sometimes you may want to narrow the results to just docket titles that contain this text.

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Easier Than Ever to Access U.S. Courts and PACER with an API

Docket Alarm is proud to announce the release of an API client libraryto access court documents on PACER. An API allows software developers to build programs that access data in a structured way.
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Docket Alarm Offers Powerful Analytics to Make Search Smarter

The days of conducting legal research in a vacuum are numbered. The latest developments in search utilize sophisticated full-text search engines in conjunction with big data analytics to give attorneys insight into the relationships between the many facets of litigation. Docket Alarm is helping to pave the way by offering a proprietary analytics platform in addition to a robust legal research engine.

Docket Alarm’s proprietary analytics add context and perspective to legal research.
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Announcing Our New Search Engine for the PTAB

Docket Alarm is proud to announce the release of its search engine for the Patent Trial Appeal Board.It is currently the only search engine dedicated solely to PTAB decisions, providing instant access to every docket and document produced by the PTAB, including every decision, petition, motion and most exhibits. The PTAB search engine allows you to search dockets, documents or both dockets and documents simultaneously.

The PTAB Improves on Federal District Court Shortcomings

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board was created in response to the America Invents Act (AIA) and opened for business on September 16, 2012.The court is now the newest venue to challenge patent validity.

One advantage to challenging a patent in the PTAB over Federal District Courts is that the patent is not presumed to be valid as it is in District Court litigation, which can be incredibly difficult for challengers to overcome.
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